Thursday, December 3, 2015

IT IS ABOUT ISLAM (San Bernardino)

The world is a scary place! The San Bernardino massacre is just another reminder of that. You need to know that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many more attacks are to follow. We need to wake up!

I read the following message from Glenn Beck and couldn't see any way I could improve upon it. I thought I'd share it with everybody else.

"What happened in #SanBernardino is beyond un American and inexcusable!  

I don't mean the shooting.  I mean the PC coverup.  

Once again we find out It IS about Islam. 

Now we know why the FBI was involved almost from the get go.   Police off the record are saying they identified this as Islamic terrorism within the first hour.

Yet they were telling us even after they had the name and address of Syed Farook they didn't think this was terror.

The state and media bent over backwards to protect the Islamist.  

I don't ever want to jump to conclusions, nor do what the president and the Press does EVERY TIME and speculate before there are facts.  But this is getting sick.

We have murderous Psychopaths that have told us that they were going to do this, they are telling us in their own magazine who, how and most importantly WHY.

But we refuse to listen.  Instead like Benghazi our administration will blame it on any thing but Islam.

How frustrating it must be for the terrorist!   No one will listen to them!  

I feel used and abused.  It feels as though everyone is almost hoping that it is a white Christian doing the shooting.   They seem to just "know" that this is who we really are.  

We now know that a neighbor saw suspicious activity at the house but didn't want to say anything because "she didn't want to be accused of racial profiling". 

Yet the president blamed guns and the media in the first hour was checking to see how close the nearest planned parenthood was!

I found myself yesterday quietly hoping the killers were foreign. 

Not Muslim but foreign. 

I don't want to believe that ANY AMERICAN, left, right, black, white, Christian or Muslim is capable of this.  Yet, I feel very alone when I watch the political and media class. 

I am saddened that this has turned out to be an American citizen but Islamism is not a respecter of passports.

Mr President - screw global warming! 

If you actually believe that global warming is the biggest problem we face with terror all around the world, an 18 trillion dollar debt (9 of which is yours alone), no real allies left that trust us, riots in the streets, race relations worse than we have seen since the 1960s and distrust of our fellow Americans unlike I have ever seen, you are either delusional or the dumbest guy on the planet. 

It IS about Islam.

So was Boston.  So was Benghazi, Fort Hood, half a dozen others that you failed to address, and quite frankly - so was Ahmed the "clock kid".  It was a timer and not a clock.

If the pattern stays true, today you will lecture us about workplace violence and how we should not "jump" to any conclusions and then further the conclusion that you "jumped to" the first hour after the rampage and tell us once again about the evils of the gun and then teach us the history of Christianity as you were taught by Jeremiah Wright.

Mark my words America - this will become about the gun or how our culture has alienated these people somehow, in short order and the Government will fail to do anything about the real threat with in three days.   This will only cause distrust of the media and government to rise.

The way the media and this administration look for every opportunity to blame things like this on white, religious or conservative America is disgusting, irresponsible, unAmerican and frankly I for one am sick and tired of it.


We are your neighbors, the people who grow your food, work in the few remaining factories and yes, go to church.   Where 99.9997% of the time we are taught to "Love one another"!

Yes, we are the people you fly over in your carbon spewing private jets while regulating us, our business and SUVs because of that invisible gas --- that we were all taught MAKE THE TREES GROW - that you insist is making the planet warmer.   Or colder.  Or whatever it happens to be doing currently.

We are the people you look at with disgust and judgment while you lecture us about how we need to be tolerant and not judge Islamists.  

You bend over backwards to tell us that no mosque is teaching radical viewpoints while you use common core to probe our children to see what is being taught in the home about Christianity and race.


This is beyond left and right, republican and democrat.   BECAUSE REAL AMERICANS ARE BIGGER THAN THAT!  

Since when did we decide to be on narrowly defined as simply who we voted for?    I for one am more than that.

I have hopes and dreams and much more in common than different than those who voted differently than me and so do more than 300 million Americans!

When will we stand united and speak the truth?

This president is delusional, stupid or has an agenda that possibly was a "dream from his father." 

We better hurry because there is a dangerous delusion that has spread.  It is insidious and if it isn't stopped many, MANY more will be killed.
#prayforsanbernardino  #sanbernardinoshootings"