Friday, October 6, 2017


I try to stay informed, but as I listen to these leftist libnoramouses that fill the news forum my head almost explodes. I cannot believe people can be this oblivious to reality. I fear for our future.

Liberals are wanting more gun laws to stop people from buying guns that are already outlawed. They want to enforce more gun laws when it is an absolute fact where there are more guns there is less gun violence. In fact, in the past 13 years there's been a 56% increase in gun sells and a 49% drop in gun violence. Look at Chicago! Liberals own and run that city. They have some of the most stringent gun laws in America, yet it is known as "The Murder Capital the World". You know what's crazy about that? Chicago is NOT the murder capital of the world-it is only the third worst in the United States. The title of "Murder Capital" actually goes to  Washington D.C.-perhaps the most liberal city in America! 

Where liberals rule, crime soars, and the innocent die. All more gun laws do is keep law abiding citizens from having them and ensure criminals do. It simply guarantees the innocent will be molested by the wicked without the fear of having a rapidly speeding lead projectile hitting their dome.

But the issue is actually far worse than that, my fellow Americans. I would think that everyone would know these things, but they don't. Some don't know there are other things to learn, some simply don't care. The ignorant masses of sheeple are being led to the slaughter all the while dancing to the soothing music of the pied piper.

The second Amendment isn’t about protecting your home or going deer hunting. It gives us the right to do those things, but it wasn’t established for those purposes. Our forefathers thought those issues were a matter of common sense (something terribly lacking in these days). The second Amendment was actually created so you and I could assemble an armed military (militia) and to go to war with our government if we need to. Believe it or not, governments sometimes get power hungry and want to strip the people of their rights. They take control of their educational system. They take control of their health care system.
They take their property. They take their money. They take their guns. They basically don’t quit until they rule the people through tyranny. Our forefathers said, “What has happened in the past will never happen again. If our government tries the same thing Great Britain did in the 1700's we will go to war with them.”

That’s what the second Amendment is about: our right to fight back against our government.

Now ... Do you wonder why there are so many government entities that want our weapons? It’s all about control. If they take away our means of defense, we are at their mercy.

You know what is kind of funny? My inspiration for this article was actually the new Cam Newton situation. If you don’t know who Cam Newton is ... He’s a quarterback for an NFL team. If you don’t what a quarterback is ... Well. Cam Newton was asked a football question by a woman reporter. Cam Newton laughed and said it was strange to hear a woman talking about football. That’s it. He didn’t say women shouldn’t be talking about football. He didn’t say women aren't qualified to talk about football. He just shared a little from his cultural perspective. He probably came up in a culture similar to mine. In the world I grew up in, men played, talked about, and watched football. The women got angry because the men weren't spending time with them and/or painting the nursery. Sorry if you don't like that, but that's reality. Where I come from men watched football and women watched Soap Operas. Things have changed and that’s great, but it doesn’t change the cultures we grew up in. It doesn't change the past. You can tear down monuments, you can force men to stop watching football and make them watch soap operas, but it doesn't change the past.

Should Cam have known to be a little more careful with his wording in his ultra liberal media world? Probably. He’s already lost sponsors ($$$$$$$$) because of this. But I don’t really care about Cam Newton or the Carolina Panthers and I couldn’t care less about the NFL.

Here’s what messes with my head: He could have spit on the American flag and he would have been applauded. Had he got naked, draped the flag around his waist using it as a loin cloth, and ran around the field screaming “allahu akbar”, he would be called a hero. Had he cursed Jesus, threw a high handed bird at the Almighty, paid homage to Gaia, gave a million dollars to abortion clinics, or burnt a million Bibles they would have said he is a revolutionary leader.

But don’t say it’s strange to hear a woman talk about wide receivers running route patterns ... you’ll be finished.

Welcome to America where imbeciles own the media and therefore dictate what the masses consume and believe.