Monday, July 24, 2017


In a perfect world things are perfect. This is not a perfect world-far from it. You're going to have to adapt or spend the rest of your life being its "victim". I'd rather be a victor.

I think the problem with most of us is we sit back and wait for life to happen to us and then we respond to it. We are counter punchers-and not very good ones at that. We allow other people and external circumstances to create our reality. We conform to the cosmos. Because of that we live in a perpetual state of emergency. As ridiculous as this sounds, many people like this because they can blame other people and circumstances for their miserable condition. They don't have to take responsibility for their actions or inactions. They don't have to be faithful because someone was unfaithful to them. They don't have to work because a supervisor did them dirty 10 years ago. They don't have to go to church because a church did them wrong last year. They don't have to be kind because someone was cruel to them. They don't have to give because they gave to someone else and they squandered it away. They don't have succeed because someone told them they were a failure. They can remain obese and unhealthy because someone told them they were fat and stupid.  

I am emphatic toward those that have been abused in their life. I understand that our social and economic environments have helped mold us into the persons we have become. But the truth is we are writing our own books, chapter by chapter, page by page, word by word. You may write what others tell you to write, but you're doing the writing. You choose what you allow in your book. 

You say, "I couldn't help what happened to me." 

That's probably true. You can't help what people do to you, but you can dictate how you respond to it. We are all self-made, but only the successful dare to admit it. 

Each of us must make a painful assessment. Which parts of our lives can we change for the better? Once we have settled that we must change them or we must stop blaming anyone but ourselves.

We are made in the image of God. We are created to be awesome. You must stop hijacking your divine purpose. You must walk in the Spirit, living in the attitude of Christ, allowing His presence to shine the path for you. You must make up your mind to change. Those around you will not want you to change. They will try to keep you from rising to the next level because they are not willing to go with you. You must go anyways. Stop allowing toxic people to write your story. Stop blaming the past. Stop blaming the government. Stop blaming your parents. Stop blaming the devil. Stop blaming drugs and alcohol. Stop blaming your ex. You must move forward.

Go to church! Hang out with some godly, positive people that can influence you toward a healthier life. Get involved in ministry. Make a conscious decision to give more of your money and time. Be a part of the solution. Stop waiting for someone to write you a million dollar check ... it isn't happening. Go to work. Be an entrepreneur. Create something. Write something. Read a book. Learn something new. Pray that God will revive your vision.

You were made by a creative God. You were made in His image. So be creative. 

Don't spend the rest of your life wishing.